Silver Star Helicopters, LLC

Wildlife surveys play an essential role in any wildlife or hunting ranch. Helicopter surveys are the quickest and most accurate method to survey wildlife and to assist in calculating harvest recommendations for deer and exotics. Helicopter surveys allow the landowners to determine the following:

  • Buck to Doe Ratio
  • Fawn Production
  • Antler Development of Bucks
  • Distribution of Animals on Ranch
  • Vegetative Condition of Ranch
  • Location of Deer for Harvest

Flown in a systematic, GPS assisted, transect; it allows the entire property to be completely observed in a thorough and efficient manner.  Due to the versatility of the helicopter, observers can learn more about an area in a shorter period of time than by any other census method.

By filling out a Texas Parks & Wildlife Land Owners Authorization (LOA) form, we can assist you with your wildlife management program.

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